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1. In my company there are many people who can do live presentations just as well as I can. In fact, most of them are much better.

2. I can afford to spend endless time and money doing my live presentations for any client, student, or prospect at any time and any place on the planet.

3. Any one of my clients or prospects will stop whatever they are doing at any time just to hear what I have to show or tell them.  

4. I have no need for virtual technology because I can be everywhere I need to be at any time. Being in two, three, or even 1000 places at the same time has never been a problem for me.

5. I don’t much care for the Internet. I do all of my presentations face to face. 
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Are you a V.I.P.?
**If you answered “NO” to any of the questions above, then you are probably a Very Important Presenter.
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Are You a V.I.P.?
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