​Cinemapoint© is a specialized video production service offered by Inside Knowledge, LLC, a video production and consulting company that provides Internet Video presentations, e-Learning consulting and Web-based Video Training Products. Because Cinemapoint© services are so highly developed and focused, we can produce and host high-quality training videos quickly and inexpensively. A full-screen Cinemapoint© production with PIP can cost as little as $100 to produce and less than $24 per year to host.

About Our Customers:
Everyone involved in giving live presentations can benefit from using Cinemapoint© Internet Video Presentations. Some virtual presenters use Cinemapoint© to augment their live training programs while others have completely replaced their live training programs with Virtual Training and Webinars.

  • Professionals are using CinemaPoint© Production Services to create online video from their live Webinars and PowerPoint presentations. Salespeople use Cinemapoint© for “first calls” and for introducing new products and services to clients. Putting Cinemapoint© Presentation Videos online makes their marketing and training information available to their clients and prospects 24/7 at virtually no cost.

  • Corporations are saving hundreds of thousands of dollars per year by “virtualizing” their corporate video presentations and training programs. Cinemapoint© “Virtual Trainers” never eat or sleep, never quit in the middle of a project, never run up travel expenses, and never miss an appointment. But most importantly, they only say what you want them to say in company video presentations.

  • Professors are using Cinemapoint© to present their lectures to students and colleagues worldwide. Private instructors are marketing their virtual lessons to clients with either streaming or downloaded Internet Video Presentations using automatic pay per view or fixed rate billing. CimemaPoint© presentations run on most major e-Learning platforms and can be distributed via email.

About You:
What can we do for you?
Cinemapoint© can develop an original Internet Video Presentation from “script to screen to web” or work with your existing training materials (documents, graphics, photos, film, or video) to create dynamic virtual productions hosted on your own servers or ours for a fraction of the cost of a traditional production company.
So check out some of our sample videos and send us an email telling us what you have in mind.
Then, let us make it happen.
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