Cinemapoint© produces high-quality, full-screen Internet Video Presentations of your live sales or training presentations. These Internet Video Presentations can be viewed by your clients, your staff, or your students free of charge (or, for a fee) at any time, day or night on the Internet, on your Intranet, and on many popular wireless handheld devices. Cinemapoint© can produce custom corporate video presentations to your specifications and turn you into a “Virtual Presenter” with a world-wide presence in less than a week.

As a live presenter, lecturer, or trainer, you know that you can only be in one place at one time. You also know that getting to that place can sometimes take days of travel and hundreds or even thousands of dollars in expenses. And, even when you do get there, there’s no guarantee that your audience will all be present. The great need for quality, remote company video presentation is obvious.

Cinemapoint© Internet Video Presentations allow you to become a “Virtual Presenter” and be presenting to your clients or students wherever they are, 24/7 via the Internet for as little as $2.00 per month. With Cinemapoint© videos, you can deliver your presentations or training to your clients, your staff, or your students even while you are asleep, on vacation, or growing your enterprise.
Are you a Very Important Presenter?
Are your live presentations, lectures, training sessions and webinars in constant demand?
Do you need to be in 1000 different places at one time?
If so, you may qualify for your own CinemaPoint© Internet Video
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